You Have a Junk Car That Doesn’t Run You Can Sell It for Money to Pay Other Expenses


Junk car selling made simple. If you have an old clunker and need some cash, selling the junk car is the genius way to get some extra money. This is a fast process, with service that is free, and you have a complete staff in reach to troubleshoot; you can even recruit their help for issues involving documentation.

What’s involved

Three things involved:

  • Immediate offer with little information mandatory
  • Towing is free. Gratis, comp, on the house
  • Payment is on the spot

If you need extra money, cash for junk cars is the easy way to get it.

Offers on junk cars

Give the company the history on your junk car to receive an instant offer. They buy clunkers in all types of conditions; getting rid of your car only takes a few minutes.

Free removal

Any junk car company will give you junk car pick-ups for free. Nothing stands up to hassle-free, worry-free, complimentary towing. All you must do is being there to hand us the keys and to obtain your check.

On-the-spot payments

Once you have been given your clunker an once-over, and reviewed your title, you will be paid straight away – no downtime here.

Should I sell junk car

How to know if you have got a junk car on your hands? Sometimes it is heart wrenching to part ways with your junk car (think of all the adventures you have had together), but the time comes to accept that you have had a good run, and it is time to bid it adieu.

Is the jig really up

Here are some indications that the jig is up:

  • It costs more to fix it up than it’s worth
  • It is so damaged it only makes sense to sell your junk car than dealing with repairs
  • It is in such bad shape, it is not safe to drive
  • There are high number of miles on the odometer
  • It no longer runs.

If these are some of the problems that you are having with your car, then the best thing to do is ditch the car – you can always use that money to help with other bills.

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