What will happen if you don’t change the oil in your car?


Most of the people these days do not prefer opting for an oil change. This is because they think it takes a lot of time. However, it is necessary to meet the requirements of the service and get the oil change done within time. If the oil change for the car isn’t done in proper scheduled time the car is at the risk of damaging.

Opting for an oil change and adding clean oil will lubricate the vehicle and allow it to move more swiftly and efficiently. The surface of the vehicle tends to become damaged due to the absence of oil. If an oil change isn’t done, the engine will stop working and thus you will need to pay a huge amount in repairs. Some of the prominent things that happen because of not changing the oil in the car include:

  1. Dirt and debris:

These will continue to accumulate in the oil filter

The filter keeps on doing its work but due to excessive usage, the dirt gets accumulated in it. This will lead to the oil filters being clogged up and will cease to do its work. This will affect the functionality of the vehicles as well.

  1. The engine will make a lot of noise:

The oil in the engine is one of the efficient lubricants for the car. But if the lubricant wears out, the metal will strike with the metal and this will prove to be extremely noisy. The striking of metals with metals will damage the vehicle. If you notice it in the initial period, you should prefer getting it repaired.

  1. Additives will get damaged

Although not many know, but additives present in the engine oil act as efficient friction reducers. This prevents the metals from striking against each other. If these are not taken care of properly, the friction reducers will vanish and damage the vehicle. If the friction reducers vanish, the lubrication won’t work out efficiently. This will further prevent the vehicle from running smoothly.

It is for this that you should understand the importance of oil change. If you are late for a few days from your scheduled time you can still consider changing it. When you take your vehicle for service, you should ask them for an oil change. You should be aware of the schedule. Make sure you stick to the routine for the oil change.

Oil change does not cost you a lot of money. You can consider contacting the service department like Chevronfastlube.com and get your oil change within time. They will make your car feel good as new and service it to help you have a better drive every time!

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