Types of Line Markers and Their Uses


Line markers are used in a variety of different settings. They are used in industrial settings, such as warehouses and factories. We commonly see them in shopping centres, offices, restaurants – any place with a parking lot. Most surprising of all, they also have domestic applications. Here are a few examples:

Car park marking

Car parks need to have an optimised space. This means that the maximum number of cars should fit inside the lot, without it being too cramped. There also needs to be ample space for people to back up. Furthermore, the configuration, placing and spacing should help ease the heavy flow of traffic.

This is where line marking experts in Brisbane can help. A clear cut, single parking space signals people that they should not go over the line, making them park in a more organised manner. These boundaries help make the space more efficient, in that every car will only take up one, pre-measured spot.

Factory and warehouses

Parking, loading and unloading are all concerns when working in an industrial scale. Shipments that get dropped off or delivered are carried by trucks. Since these are heavier and wider, they need more space to manoeuvre. Since there may be more than one truck on the premises at a time, a system must be put in place to ease the transitions.

Having factory linemarking service in Brisbane will help truck drivers identify loading and unloading areas easily.

Markings are also needed inside factories and warehouses. In fact, most inspectors will require companies to renew their markings every so often. They’re a part of health and safety regulations, to ensure that hazards are avoided. It shows people areas that are of high-risk (places that only professional technicians should approach).

Domestic uses

Most people are surprised to find out that line markers can also be used at home. Home owners often employ these types of services in order to make their driveways more aesthetically pleasing. A good marking can really update the look of any home. Furthermore, these markings will also create more traction in the driveways, making it safer to back out.

Author: Carrie Sze

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