Transmission Fluid Leak: What You Need To Know


In just about any situation where the word “leak” is used, it is not a good sign. Whether it is leak on a boat, a leak to the press, or a transmission fluid leak, there’s bound to be trouble near. Car owners who don’t know what to do and how to deal with transmission fluid leak in their beloved Mercedes Benz can sigh in relief because here’s all you need to know about the problem.

After reading these basics of a transmission fluid leak you will be fully prepared to deal with the leak and know if it is the right time to look for Mercedes used parts to replace any damages.

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What Is Transmission Fluid?

Many car owners know about engine oil because it requires regular changes. However, transmission fluid isn’t common knowledge. The purpose of this fluid is to keep all of the gear running smoothly while keeping everything inside the gearbox and to prevent the car’s transmission from grinding against one another as you move.

The fluid can easily be identified through its distinct red or green color. When you notice a small spot of red and green fluid under your car, you may have a leak at your hands.

Is It Safe To Drive With A Leak?

Most experts will agree that there is no immediate danger when driving a car with a transmission leak, but it is also ill-advised. If the leak is not fixed right away, it will only increase in size up to a point where the vehicle will no longer function correctly. Car owners who notice a small leak that looks like the transmission fluid, the best thing to do is to drive the car to the nearest repair shop, nowhere further.

The sooner the leak is replaced with the right Mercedes used parts, the safer it will be for you to drive longer distances.

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What Are The Signs For A Leak?

An expert will be able to pinpoint a leak in the transmission fluid, but for most car owners it is a challenge. Here are a few signs that indicate a leak:

The Warning Light – A vehicle comes with a transmission fluid warning light. If this starts to flash, it is clear that the fluid is running low. When the light constantly flashes even when you have refilled the liquid, get your transmission checked for a leak as it is the most likely culprit.

Shifting Problems – A delay or having some trouble when shifting gears is a clear indication that your transmission fluid is running low, which may or may not be due to a leak. Do not ignore this sign because the longer you wait, the more trouble you will have when shifting which can lead to a serious car accident.

Puddles – As mentioned before, a very clear sign of a leak is a red or green puddle forming underneath your car. This requires immediate action to avoid excessive repair expenses and potential accidents.

While we can’t all be car experts you don’t need extra knowledge to know when the transmission fluid is leaking. Just be mindful and watch out for these signs and you will catch the leak before it becomes too big.
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