How to find Toyota repair advice online using a workshop manual


Toyota being such a big brand has produced a wide range of vehicles in all sectors, from your regular small, compact, medium and large sized family cars and commuters, all the way to high performance models which still have a huge following today.

While the second hand Toyotas keep getting older, the ability to find reliable repair and maintenance advice becomes harder for less popular models. Popular vehicles often have a fan base behind them, with car clubs and online forums / bulletin boards where information and advice can be shared, this option however does not exist for the non-enthusiast cars.

Taking older cars to mechanics can also start to cost more the older the car gets, combine this with depreciation value and it’s going to end up cheaper to follow the other owners and scrap the car for something else.

If you like your car though, and know these regular repairs are fairly simple if you had the right advice, then there is an option of obtaining a repair manual for your car.

Repair manuals can be found in two types, the first is to ask your local parts shop if they stock a repair manual for your car, if they do the information in these books can help on most topics.

The second option is to find a factory service manual, which is a Toyota workshop manual created by the company and issued to each dealership when the car was new, this guides the mechanics throughout the warranty period, but following this most dealerships discard them after 10 years or so.

There is an automotive archive website known as All Car Manuals however which offers a wide range of Toyota factory service manuals which you can download for free, we recommend visiting the website to see if your car is listed. If it’s not, we advise to bookmark the site and check back in future, as they often add new models as they become available.

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