How To Break Your Car’s Window During An Emergency: Here Are Tips From Pros


Car emergencies and accidents occur in unforeseen conditions and locations. As such, it is essential to become prepared for each situation and respond to the issue swiftly. Some situations would require you to break your auto’s glass. The following are some suggestions on how to break your car’s window during an emergency situation.

Assess the Situation

The first step you need to do before breaking a car’s window is assessing the situation. Examine whether breaking the glass can provide the swift response to an emergency. Note that you can quickly get car window replacement Fairfax, if necessary. When you break the glass on the driver or passenger area, make sure to prioritize safety and allow persons to distance themselves to avoid injuries.

Use Pointed Materials

In breaking car windows, you should have the necessary items that can help bust the glass. There are no specific requirements at the type of materials. You can use metal, stone, or porcelain items to assist in smashing the window. Pointed materials allow you to puncture a specific area and reduce the potential of shattered glass flying in a different direction. It is essential that you should concentrate on the side of the window and not the center. Repeated blunts can create small cracks, break the car’s glass, and allow you to get inside the vehicle quickly.

Get an Emergency Kit

People trapped inside a vehicle can also opt to break the driver or passenger windows. They can use an emergency kit that includes items such as seat belt cutters and piecing items to bust the window. If you do not have these items, you can get a spark plug or anything strong and sharp should help. Do not hesitate to resolve the problem quickly especially if it can create a risk to your life. Note that you will find car window replacement Fairfax that matches your vehicle model and type.

Use the Headrest

Lastly, an interesting item inside your vehicle is the headrest. While it serves as primary support to drivers and passengers, you can also use the object to break windows. In emergency situations, you can pull the headrest from the chair. Use the pointed area to puncture the side and continue until the glass shatters. The porcelain edge provides a way for you to break the window and address the problem. Making use of the headrest offers an alternative to people without any emergency kit or tools available inside the vehicle.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is essential to remain aware of the situation and promptly respond during emergency situations. The points above are ways to help you break your vehicle’s glass safely. There are different tools available in the inside and outside that can help you get the job done. While it is crucial to act swiftly, you should focus on ensuring the safety of passengers inside. Ask them to take a distance to the target glass to avoid any injuries from shattering glass.

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