Could You Drive A Taxi For A Living? Is It Worth It?


When people think of taxis, they think of the unpleasant odours and noises that come with picking up and driving home strangers. On the other hand, taxi drivers; know the full potential of the job and how profitable it can be. Drivers can make hundreds of pounds a day by doing something that they already love, which is driving. So, weigh your options and see if it’s worthwhile to consider driving a taxi for a living.

  • Becoming a Taxi Driver in the UK

Becoming a taxi driver is ideal in a populated, well-known city such as Bristol. There are countless tourists who cannot afford rental cars or prefer to take public transportation. They’ll be in the greatest demand for taxi services. Also, more taxi companies are seeing the importance of being designated drivers for people who are leaving bars or restaurants and too drunk to drive.

The job involves more than having good driving skills. Knowing how to drive well and avoid getting into accidents is important. So is having good eye-hand coordination and multitasking skills. It’s equally important to have naturally good navigational skills. This means already being familiar with where all of the main roads and highways are.

Having a good driving record is ideal but not required by some employers. Most employers prefer that you don’t have a history of accidents, DUIs or parking tickets. In addition, have the right positive attitude. Don’t be a taxi driver who’s willing to cut corners; instead, be willing to follow the law, even when you’re not driving.

  • The Unforeseen Future of Taxi Drivers

The future of taxi driving is not certain in this age of technology. There are very popular companies like Uber and Lyft that have regular people being self-made taxi drivers. For professional drivers, it’s discouraging to hear about so many self driving taxis.

However, know that with all success, there is a negative side, too. Many people who use services like Uber are filing complaints with the company about irresponsible drivers. There are many negative claims that Uber drivers are rude, unprofessional or dangerous. As a result, many people are more willing to put their trust in taxi drivers. They are realising that taxi drivers are professionals who care genuinely about their jobs unlike amateur drivers.

Being a taxi driver is not as easy as knowing how to drive a car. You need other skills like punctuality and honesty, along with a positive attitude and friendly personality. Driving a taxi for a living is profitable nowadays and worth the effort to try.

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