5 Facts About Automotive Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing today has proved itself to be one of the most dynamic industries that changes its strategies before you pick up one. This is a trend that can severely affect the marketing campaigns of any business, but when it comes to Automotive, the effect is more intense because the entire industry is now having a parallel online outlet other than their conventional physical showrooms serving the local areas.

Here are some of the ongoing automotive digital marketing trends that are flooding the market to boost the showroom traffic and sell cars beyond the local boundaries.

  1. Social Video Sharing

Video is now held as the key marketing trend since 2017 and it is increasingly dominating the social media with live streaming videos. Surveys show that they are watched 3 times more than the prerecorded videos. Who doesn’t watch YouTube today! It is now a part of our life not only for entertainment but as a vital and reliable source of information. For vehicle shoppers, it is a time and money saver, that works best as a tool to virtually visit a showroom and experience the inside and out of a car, saving the time-consuming visits to the showrooms in person.

Thus making the best use of this trend key in automotive marketing would be sharing videos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and more, but make sure to record videos that are mobile friendly.

  1. VIN Specific Campaigns

VIN is an identity mark of any vehicle. If you make VIN Specific online display Remarketing, you can make the shoppers around you to watch your ads through the display vehicles that they have already seen on your website. That is the clever marketing these tools can do. With VIN Specific Campaigns, one can reach the vehicle shoppers with the most relevant information about which they already had some curiosity.

  1. Social Media Marketing

An automotive SEO expert says, in a constantly evolving world of business, social media marketing is becoming an increasingly necessary strategy that none in the marketing industry should ignore. By presenting quality social media content one can share organic ads and increase the views. But the focus should stay on the goal of driving more vehicle shoppers to your showroom. The result is, the shoppers would research the cars online, but they’ll buy it from your showroom in person!

  1. Mobile Marketing

Even today any online presentation is built in two ways. The first is made to be viewed on the computer, which we know as desktop view, and the other, as mobile view. Vehicle shoppers who are looking for cars online, silently say, they are saving time on window shopping. That leads to the fact that they would mostly look into the cars while on the move. So, make sure to make all your digital marketing appear perfectly on mobiles.

  1. Geo Fencing

Geo Fencing is a new concept running for a few years that allows dealers to greet their customers all over the world and send notifications about nearby shoppers about their sales and inventory when they get active in a specific area. After choosing a vehicle, these shoppers can receive the best deals from their nearby dealerships.

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